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Kunzler Recipe for Bacon Turtle Burger
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Bacon Turtle Burger

4 oz. very lean beef
1 pack of Kunzler Meat Franks
1 pack of Kunzler bacon or more
Cheddar cheese
Garlic cheddar cheese
1 egg white
Spices (salt, pepper, bbq sauce etc.)


  1. Start by weaving the bacon like a basket. Cut some of the fat off the outside of the bacon to make it straight.
  2. Mix the ground meat, spices and egg white. The egg white is used to help hold things together.
  3. Make a meat patty, put it on the weave.
  4. Place some garlic cheddar cheese on the patty.
  5. Place another patty on the cheese.
  6. Place some garlic cheddar cheese on the patty.
  7. Fold the bacon weave over it.
  8. Make 3 cuts in the "feet" hot dogs and one cross wise cut in the "head" hot dog (so it will look like a mouth opening). Carve out a conical tail as well.
  9. Make holes in the bacon weave, poke hot dogs into the body embedding them into meat by about 1". Use extra bacon to cover the gap and bring stray ends of bacon into the weave.
  10. Use a spatula to get it onto the pan.
  11. Put toothpicks (that have been soaking in water) into the body to secure the sausages and keep the bacon ends secure.
  12. Use an oven thermometer and get that dial up to beef - well! Took her 45 minutes at 400. Cooking time depends from oven to oven so poke the turtle and when the juices aren't red anymore it is well done!


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