Kunzler & Company, Inc. is working with Pennsylvania Power & Light Utilities and Strategic Energy Group to help develop continuous energy improvement programs, which will enable our company to use less energy. At the same time, we are looking at all phases of operations in which we can improve our carbon footprint in today’s environmentally conscious world. Listed below are the initiatives and actions that we are taking on to become an eco-friendly company in Pennsylvania.

Filling Up on Energy-Efficiency

Our entire plant has been upgraded with energy-efficient lighting and motion sensors. Completion of this project was finalized in May 2011 and is part of our overall sustainability project initiated earlier in 2011.

We’ve taken this commitment to energy-efficiency outside of our plant as well. Our trucks not only deliver finished product to our customers but also back-haul materials from our suppliers.


Leaving Our Plate Clean: Reducing Waste

We understand that reduction is only one part of corporate responsibility. That is why we aim to use recyclable and biodegradable materials in nearly every thing we do.

Our wooden pallets are 100% reusable, recyclable, and come from a renewable resource.

We bale and recycle all our cardboard. Our baled cardboard is sold to paper mills throughout the United States and Asia.

The new corrugate shippers we use on average contain about 50% recycled fibers. We then recycle used shippers. Old corrugated containers (OCC) are bailed into:

  • Containerboard (59.9 percent)
  • Recycled paperboard (15.3 percent)
  • Tissue (less than 1 percent)
  • Packaging and industrial converting (1.6 percent)


A Clean Finish

We utilize Activated Water Technology to produce a very safe, nontoxic, and extremely effective sanitizer for fogging the facility. This GREEN technology replaces toxic and harmful quat sanitizers. The new air fogging technology allow the Kunzler facilities in Tyrone and Lancaster to look and smell very clean. Activated Water Technology produces a sanitizer that is 100 times more effective than chlorine. The organic sanitizer is very safe, nontoxic, and wastewater friendly.