Dietary Needs


Kunzler & Company, Inc. takes the dietary needs of our customers very seriously. We have ensured that over 85% of our items are gluten-free and have no MSG. Our family of products includes a large selection of low-sodium hams, bacon, and deli meats.

Our attention to nutritional needs extends to schools and we take pride in our Child Nutrition program, which encompasses a variety of Kunzler products that are supplied into elementary, junior high, and high school lunchrooms. These items follow new government guidelines to contain minimal sodium levels and to provide wholesome, nourishing meals to students.

The Kunzler family has demanded the finest quality ingredients in our products since 1901, and won’t settle for second best. More than a century later, the legacy of quality and excellence continues. We expect the very best for our families, and we want to provide the very best for all families to enjoy.