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So, what's really in a Kunzler hot dog?

We won't speak for all the others, but let us tell you about the hot dogs superior to all the others. How do we know Kunzler hot dogs are superior to all others? The answer lies on the inside of every mouth watering hot dog expertly created by Kunzler. We're finicky about our hot dogs and what's not in them is just as important as what is in them.

Kunzler hot dogs feature the following…..

No meat by-products or organs - That's right, forget the horror stories and rumors about what gets chopped up and thrown into a hot dog. When it comes to a Kunzler frank, only the finest cuts of fresh meat are used.

No binders or fillers - We use just the right ingredients and meat blends so that no binders or fillers are needed, leaving you with uncompromising taste.

Nothing artificial - We just don't need it. When you use quality ingredients, nothing artificial is necessary.

All natural spices - Our best kept secret. Our own recipe of all natural spices is classic in each hot dog we make. Like we said before, we're finicky and the smile on your face after one bite makes it all worth while.

Be sure to try the best:

Kunzler All Beef Franks
Kunzler All Beef Franks
Kunzler Grill Franks (Beef/Pork Blend)
Kunzler Grill Franks
(Beef/Pork blend)
Kunzler Meat Franks (Pork/Beef/Chicken)
Kunzler Meat Franks
(Pork/Beef, Chicken blend)
Kunzler Chicken Franks
Kunzler Chicken Franks
Kunzler Turkey Franks
Kunzler Turkey Franks