Our Favorite Hot Dog Recipes

July 24

Summer is hitting its peak, which means hot dog season is too. Kunzler franks never disappoint a hot dog lover. There are so many ways to prepare them in meals, but here are few of our favorite hot dog recipes for this time of year.

Back to Basics

two hot dogs covered in sour krout

Grill Franks and Kraut are the classic combo that everyone loves. The juicy texture of the Kunzler frank is complimented by the sour and tangy sauerkraut. Throw any flavor of franks on your grill, toast up your bun, and top with your favorite kraut. Other toppings are optional, as long as you don’t forget the kraut.

Spice it Up

Buffalo Chicken Frank

The Buffalo Chicken Frank recipe will leave heat in your mouth that matches the temperature outside. Love buffalo wings but don’t want the mess? These are the perfect alternative. Combine hot sauce with mayo, ranch dressing and celery to make the perfect buffalo sauce to top your meaty frank. Put it all in a bun and heat up your day.

Take a Trip to Philly…Without the Travel

a hot dog covered with steak and cheese wiz

Want a cheesesteak but can’t get to Philly? We’ve got you covered with these easy and amazing Philly Style Beef Dogs. Once you’ve cooked your Kunzler frank, add some thinly sliced shaved steak, cheese and onions. Putting all of it on your favorite bun will transport you to Philly with a special Kunzler twist.

Want more ideas for hot dog recipes? Visit our recipes page and then learn where to buy Kunzler franks.

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