New Sausage Recipes to Light Up Your Grill

June 18

At Kunzler, we are always thinking of ways to innovate with flavors. It’s grilling season, and our new sausage recipes are here to make it awesome. Gone are the days of regular old sausages being the only option. Our new sausage recipes may inspire you to keep the grill out all year long.

LTO Ragin Cajun

Ready to add some spice to your party? These sausages will kick it up a few notches. Made with a pork and beef blend seasoned with cracked red peppers and cayenne, the heat in these sausages is no joke. Throw them on the grill and enjoy!

Warning: these sausages are spicy, so proceed only if you’re up for the challenge. We know you are.

LTO Cooked Bratwurst

When we took on bratwurst, we knew we had big shoes to fill. Doing justice to the most famous of German-style sausages is something we take very seriously. That’s why we made this sausage recipe with the highest quality pork. While nodding to traditional bratwurst, our seasoning blend makes it unique to Kunzler. Throw them on the grill and make dinner something to “prost” to.

LTO Country Style

Need a more traditional sausage recipe for your breakfast? Our Country Style sausages will do the trick for that, plus add some extra depth of flavor. Made with ground pork and seasoned with black pepper, sage and red pepper flakes, these are a perfect traditional frank. Sometimes you just want the classic American flavor.


Grab them all for your grill today.

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