DIY Bacon Rosebuds

February 12

What’s more romantic than bacon? Kunzler bacon! Other than that, not much.

Treat your sweetheart to a Valentine’s Day gift they won’t forget: Bacon Rosebuds!

You’ll need:

  • A clean pair of scissors
  • Artificial Roses (available at any craft store)
  • Toothpicks
  • A fresh pack of Kunzler Hardwood Smoked Bacon (May we recommend our Honey Cured Sliced Bacon?)



Step One:

Pre-heat oven to 400*F.

Step Two:

Remove bacon from packaging and roll two pieces together. Use scissors to trim any excess. This will make one bacon rosebud.


Step Three:

Insert toothpicks in the bottom of the bacon, making sure they are as close together and close to the bottom as possible. This will keep them from falling apart when you attach them to their stems! (They should make an X.)


Lay them on a standard cookie or flat sheet-pan.


Repeat process until you have enough rosebuds for your bouquet.

Step Four:

Pop into pre-heated oven for 20-30 minutes or until bacon is fully-cooked.

(At this point your kitchen should smell amazing!)

While the bacon cooks, prepare the stems for your bouquet while basking in the aroma of your kitchen.


Step Five:

Disassemble roses. Depending on the type you purchased you may have to remove parts of it in order to remove the petals. You want to be left with just the green base. Keep the rod in the middle, this will hold your bacon rosebud in place.


Step Six:

Remove the bacon from oven when fully-cooked. Let cool and remove toothpicks.

Attach each rosebud to a stem. Tip: Add some melted chocolate to the base of each bud. This will add flavor, and make it easier to attach to the stems.


Deliver to your valentine and maybe they’ll be sweet enough to share the savory, delicious #baconlove!

Making your own bouquet? Share it with us on social media, @KunzlerCo.

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