Sliced Smoked Ham Medallions

October 18

Kunzler Sliced Smoked Ham Medallions Kunzler’s Sliced Smoked Ham Medallions are cured with our proprietary seasoning blend to give it a rich, Kunzler flavor. It is specially formulated to contain lower sodium, and is portioned for value and convenience.  Gluten Free and No MSG.   CN # 095998   Each 1.00 oz. serving of Sliced Smoked Ham […]

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Turkey Bacon

October 10

If pork isn’t your thing, we’ve taken the same great taste of Kunzler and created Turkey Bacon!  We smoke our turkey bacon with sweet applewood chips for a flavor that you won’t believe has 75% less fat than regular bacon.

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Crock Hocks

May 22

Kunzler’s Crock Hocks These smoked ham hocks are the perfect solution for a set it and forget it meal.  Designed with your slow cooker in mind, you can come home to the fresh aroma of a meal you slaved all day to make!

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Black Forest

March 13

Kunzler Black Forest Sliced Bacon Thick sliced bacon tumbled with sweet black forest spices for a unique taste. Gluten Free and No MSG.

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Thick Cut

August 2

Kunzler Thick Cut Sliced Bacon A thicker slice of the original flavor that you know and love. Gluten Free and No MSG.

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