Kunzler’s New Website!

March 8

Welcome to the new and improved Kunzler website!


We take quality very seriously. Whether it’s the quality of our products or the quality of our service.

We have a commitment to our customers to maintain the integrity of quality in all departments. That’s why we developed this website so we can continue to provide the Kunzler excellence you expect and deserve.

With so much exciting and great news happening at Kunzler, we wanted to make sure we had a better way of sharing with our customers.

We’re very excited about our new website, and we hope you are too.

You will now be able to find nutritional and ingredient information for all of our fine meat products.

It is now easier to identify any allergens in your favorite Kunzler meals, which we’re proud to boast that over 85% of our items are gluten-free and have no MSG.

We not only want to make your meals better, we also want to make your lives easier. So, we have also included a “Where to Buy” section to be a guide to make it easier for you to find our products.

However, as per our FAQs section (yes, we have one of those now too), we are a wholesale company that sells to distributors. Those distributors in turn sell to many of your local grocery stores so it is challenging for us to know every location that sells Kunzler products.

If you know a place in your area that sells Kunzler products and is not identified in “Where to Buy”, please let us know.

If your preferred grocer does not currently carry Kunzler Meats, tell them you want the finest quality meats, tell them you want Kunzler!

We also have an improved Recipes portion that is easy to filter for the type of Kunzler products you would like to include on your family’s table, as well as cooking tips and grilling ideas.

Let’s not forget the new “What’s New” section. Obviously, this new, awesome website to start us off! Here is where you can discover what new flavors and products we’re developing from Our Family to Yours! You can also check out the latest Kunzler news, our latest promotions, and of course, find the very blog you’re reading now!

And finally, but not least importantly, we’ve added a more convenient option of being able to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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