Kick Off

November 6

So here we are ready to go smack in the middle of football season. You’ve got your favorite drink, check. You’ve got your favorite chips, check. You’ve got your best friends to watch the games with, check, but you forgot your favorite Kunzler Hot Dogs. Do you know you can get them at many of your local grocery stores right now paired with Martin’s Famous Long Rolls? They are two great flavors that go so well together.

Not convinced you have exactly the right thing for your tailgating event or feel you need a little more variety? How about grilling up hamburgers, putting a heaping mound of Kunzler bacon on them, and top it off with cheddar cheese followed by your favorite condiment (I’ve always loved the sweetness of ketchup with the tang of mustard).

News just in from the Head Kunzler himself … Kunzler & Company will have three new flavors of bacon coming out as a Limited Time Offer release: Honey, Apple Cinnamon; Smoky Bar-B-Q Flavor; and Black Forest. All three will be exceptional on a hamburger, fried to perfection for an extra zing on your BLT, or just for a snack. Coming very soon to a grocery store near you.

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