Fun and Easy School Lunch Ideas

September 13

The school year may be in full swing, but it’s always a great time to share some easy and delicious school lunch ideas.

Kunzler has some great ingredients that will help you build well-rounded school lunches for your child.


Whole Wheat BLT Wrap

This is a great school lunch idea, not only does your child get their whole grains and vegetables but also their protein from some tasty lower sodium bacon.

What you’ll need are a couple slices of Kunzler Lower Sodium Sliced Bacon, a whole wheat wrap, shredded lettuce, and thinly sliced tomatoes.


SIY (Sandwich It Yourself)

All you need are a few simple ingredients: Kunzler Virginia Baked Ham deli meat sliced, sliced cheese and crackers of your choosing.

The great thing about this lunch is your child can eat their lunch any way they want! There’s no rule on how to build your sandwiches. Pro tip: add small slices of vegetables and fruit for your child to try new flavor combinations.

This is a great alternative to those pre-packaged lunch builders because you have control over all the ingredients.


Cheese & Salami Roll-Ups

Two ingredients are all it takes to make this yummy lunch, Kunzler Cooked Salami and a spreadable cheese your child enjoys.

This school lunch idea is also great opportunity to hide small diced vegetables.


You may have lunch covered, but what about dinner? Check out our recipe page for some tasty dinner ideas

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