Big Game party appetizers

February 1

The Big Game is coming, and that means it’s time to power up the TV, invite your friends over and feed them. These appetizers are so popular, they might even get you more attention than the half-time show. Each recipe requires either Kunzler franks or Kunzler bacon.

The Bacon Recipes

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Sticks

What’s a chicken breast without bacon wrapped around it? This one bite explodes with flavor. Don’t forget the dipping sauce. Recipe here.




Bacon-Stuffed Mushrooms

These delightful bacon-stuffed mushrooms are a Game Day party in your mouth. They fit in well with other appetizers and are definitely a crowd-pleaser. Recipe here.


The Frank Recipes

Kunzler in a Blanket

Who can argue with dough, cheese, and a hot dog? Nobody— that’s who. These are a classic Big Game football party favorite that will score a touchdown with your guests. Recipe here.


Kunzler Southwest Nachos

Move over, regular nachos. You’ve been upgraded. This fun twist on classic nachos includes the salty, savory flavors and juicy texture of the frank. Recipe here.


One more for overtime

Cream Cheese & Sweet Bologna Roll-ups

In case you need one more Big Game appetizer, these rollups featuring our sweet bologna couldn’t be easier to prepare. They’re truly game-winning. Recipe here.


These Big Game Party recipes are sure to bring cheers to your party. For more ideas on food for any type of gathering, visit our recipes page.

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