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Tailgating 101 with Kunzler Through the sweltering summer heat and snowy winter weather, tailgating remains a popular pastime at sporting events and concerts. Kunzler is offering some tips to help the novice tailgater turn into a pro. The three most important things to remember when tailgating are to prep food and double check your packing list before you leave the house, have fun and clean up after yourself.

Tailgating Tips:

  • Make a List of everything you want to take along and check the items off as you pack (See the "Must Have" list below). Try laminating your list so you can reuse it every time you tailgate!
  • Food Prep Pick simple and delicious food that can be prepared ahead of time and easily transported and thrown on the grill. Try making Kunzler Bacon Bread the day before and pack some new Kunzler Tailgate Franks to grill in the stadium parking lot.
  • Team Spirit Make sure you dress in team colors and decorate your tailgate site with pennants, flags and other team gear.
  • Arrival Time Plan to arrive 3 to 4 hours before the game so you have plenty of time to chill, grill and eat.
  • Drinks Check ahead of time if alcoholic beverages are permitted at the stadium, donít forget your bottle opener and be safe.
  • No Leaks Freeze bottled water the day before. Place it in your cooler as an ice pack Ė you wonít have ice melting all over the place and if itís a hot day, you can drink the water as it melts in the bottle.
  • Eating in Comfort Make sure you pack folding chairs, disposable plates and cups, a tablecloth and a table (if you have room). You will eat in comfort and have minimal clean up.
  • Clean Up Throw your leftovers in the cooler and your trash in the garbage bag you brought along. If you line your grill with foil, you can easily dispose of the hot coals when you are done grilling. Finally, use wet wipes to sanitize your tailgating area and go enjoy the game.

The "Must Have" List

  • Kunzler franks are great for you next tailgate party!Kunzler Tailgate Franks to feed the hungry crowd.
  • Toilet paper so you don't get caught in a Port-A-Potty with no TP.
  • Plastic trash bags for clean up. Never litter when tailgating (or ever!).
  • Extra ice because there is never a good time to run out of ice.
  • Rain gear - a little precipitation wonít hurt you when you are wearing the right gear!
  • First aid kit - just in case objects start flying across the parking lot.
  • Sun block - even if you burn the food, you donít need to fry your skin.
  • Comfortable shoes - you will enjoy wandering around the parking lot and mingling with other tailgaters that much more when you are comfy.
  • Jumper cables - always be prepared.

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